Anti-Bride and Super Fiancé Face a New Challenge

I’ll cut to the chase: Canim and I are looking for a new wedding venue.

In February, Venue 1 “penciled us in” for our January 2015 wedding. I told Canim – twice, once as recently as last week – that it’s a bad sign that they literally used pencil, meaning no ink, to write the most important day of our lives on their calendar.

I understand that trying to book a wedding more than 6 months in advance is unheard of in Turkey. This is not a planning culture. This is an inşallah culture. I am not mocking God’s will, certainly not, but this culture takes the fatalistic, future’s-already-been-decided thing to a whole notha level.

Still, fate and destiny aside, money trumps most things. We expected them to warmly accept our money when we said,”We are going to make a 1,000 TL deposit today to secure our date.”

Nope. We were given the runaround several times, always being told we needed to talk to someone else, who was always conveniently unavailable. Today, we met with Someone Else’s assistant. I disliked her immediately. She was far too smirky and I could tell her tone was condescending when she spoke to Canim. He made little to no effort to translate, and he later revealed he didn’t translate because he knew I’d get angry.

It seems there have been “some changes” in their system. The menu we wanted? Gone. The DJ? No longer part of the package. We have to use their DJ and pay his price. End of message, no haggling. Photographer? Originally not included in the package, we were free to find our own. Now, we HAVE to use theirs and ditch the one we found. End of message, no haggling.

You may have already realized that in almost every situation, Canim is nicer than I am. That hasn’t changed. I grabbed my purse and showed myself out of the office. I put my sunglasses on and waited for him to emerge from the office with Smirky. I heard him explaining I was little upset because of their [COMPLETELY BOGUS] switcheroo. He exchanged pleasantries and we left. I did my best not to flip tables or the bird, for that matter.

I cried for a few minutes, but Super Fiancé assured me that we have nothing to worry about. He has a connection at a new 5-star hotel that will give us the same services for a better price. We will check it out tomorrow.

After that, we went downtown to shop for gold. My in-laws gave Canim an embarrassing sum to go out and buy gold jewelry of my choice for the wedding. I fell in love with the first set I found, but we looked at about a dozen other stores before coming back and buying the first set. We also bought two gold bangles, because apparently it’s of the utmost importance for the groom’s parents to give the bride gold bangles. I say “embarrassing” because they have already done so much for me and they have given me so much (including their first born), it humbles me that they feel the need to give me more. I’m not gonna knock that part of Turkish culture.

While Canim called his mother to confirm that the gold had been purchased, the store owner gave me some sticky ice cream (which I LURVE) with some kadayif, which were both on point. I sat there and realized how ridiculously blessed I am. Sure, I don’t have a venue for my wedding and there are only 7 months to go. But I’ve got a Super Fiancé (or should I say Süper Fiancé) by my side to make sure that even when things go wrong, everything is still alright.

Here’s a sneak peek of the bling. I am trying to keep the whole set as a surprise for the wedding day, whenever and wherever that may actually be. 🙂


One thought on “Anti-Bride and Super Fiancé Face a New Challenge

  1. Sorry about the venue catastrophe, but maybe this is a blessing in disguise. There could be something better down the road. And please don’t get me started on SMIRKY. The bracelet is STUNNING! Can’t wait to see the whole ensemble on you! Keep your chin up!

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