The Silver Lining, or Her İşte Bir Hayır Vardır

It’s been almost one week since I learned the wedding of my dreams (that is, the wedding I managed to dream after conceding that I will never actually be able to elope) would not be possible. If you don’t feel like scrolling down and learning why we have to reassess the situation, it’s because Venue 1 (a restaurant) has very shady people organizing their events and Canim and I refuse to give them another lira, let alone the extra 2,000 lira their “changes” were going to cost us.

Since that disappointment, we have checked out a 5-star hotel (Venue 2) where Canim’s friend is the accounting manager. Long story short, she is helping us to plan a wedding that will be even more dreamlike than the one I had planned at Venue 1.

I felt relieved after meeting with her, and while Canim was driving me home, he taught me a new Turkish proverb: “Her işte bir hayır vardır.”

Okay, I don’t know what the exact translation is, but in a nutshell, it means every cloud has its silver lining. For every “no”, there is a “yes” nearby. That sort of thing.

The next day, I arrived at work and my co-worker asked me if I planned to attend our company’s summer kick-off party. I told him my department hadn’t received any email from the head boss, so he gave me the details. The party is going to be held next Tuesday, AT VENUE 1!!!!!!!!!! In typical dramatic YabanciBride fashion, I gasped, clutched my chest and said,”Mike – it can’t be THERE! That’s the place where I was going to have my wedding! Now I have to go BACK there? WITH CANIM?!” I won’t lie, it took about an hour for me to stop being so genuinely ticked off. How can my office coordinate an event with those people? And to think of all the MONEY they gave them!!!!

Then it hit me – the silver lining. The “her işte bir hayır vardır“. I have been in the dining room of Venue 1 while weddings were in progress. The decorations are standard for weddings, give or take a candelabra or two. No doubt, the menus are too. So, if I were to have my wedding there, almost half of the guests (my co-workers) would have a “been there, kinda done that” experience. It would be awkward. A little embarrassing, even.

And besides, what is a little restaurant when compared to our Venue 2?

Canim agreed to attend the event with me, but has plans to speak with the manager to let him know how unprofessional his event planners are. Fine by me! Remember that scene in Pretty Woman when the snobby salesgirls wouldn’t help Julia Roberts because she was dressed like a hooker, but then she goes back a few days later dressed like a debutante and she gets the last laugh? That’s me right now.

Big mistake, Venue 1. Big. Huge!

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